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Short stay visas (Type C)

Since the Visa Codex of the European Union has become effective in April 2010, visas for a stay no longer than 90 days are classified as “Kurzaufenthaltsvisa” (type C) (short stay visas).

In most cases you must apply for your visa before your entry. Citizens of some countries may apply for visas still after entry. The aforementioned table of the German Foreign Ministry will give you more details.

In principle, you must make personally the visa application with the diplomatic representation abroad which is responsible for visas. The representation which is nearest to your place of residence in your country is responsible for your visa. You find here a list of all German diplomatic representations abroad.

For a visa application you must normally present:

What exactly is required, differs from country to country. Before making an application you should therefore inquire with the German representation abroad about the documents to be presented. The Internet sites of the representations abroad often contain detailed information about this item.

Visas for Germany presently cost 60 €. Upon refusal of a visa the money will not be refunded. In some cases an exemption or at least a reduction of costs is possible. See the leaflet on visa fees of the German Foreign Ministry.

To issue a visa may take several months. In the case of short stay visas however, issuing of a visa outside the main travel season usually takes no more than two weeks.