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B2/C1 Intensive courses for academic studies

Course organization

The course consists of four modules and comprises 800 teaching periods. Each module lasts approximately six weeks.

Module 1: B2.1

The course is suited for advanced students who have completed the elementary level by obtaining, if possible, the Level B1 Certificate, or have a comparable command of the language. The course imparts linguistic knowledge and skills (grammar, listening and reading comprehension, oral and written communication) in German as a Foreign/Second Language according to Level B2/1. Subsequently, the course at the Intermediate Level B2.2 can be taken.

Module 1: B2.2

The course prepares for an exam at Level B2 according to the Common European Reference Framework. The exam is equivalent to Certificate B2 issued by Goethe Institute. At the end of Level B2 you will be able to communicate spontaneously and fluently so that a conversation with native speakers will be no problem for you. In familiar situations, you will be able to participate actively in a discussion, and you will justify and defend your point of view. You will follow longer discourses and lectures insofar as you are by and large familiar with the topics. You will be able to write comprehensible and detailed texts on a variety of topics which are of interest to you, such as letters, reports or essays, and you will be able to argue in favour or against a case.

Module 3: C1.1

The course is designed for advanced learners who have obtained the B2 Certificate or have a comparable proficiency. The course imparts knowledge and skills such as vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading comprehension, oral and written communication in German as a Foreign/Second Language according to Level C1.1. Subsequently, Course Module C1.2 can be taken.

Module 4: C1.2 preparing for the Exam "telc C1 Hochschule"

At the end of Level C1, you possess a broad range of linguistic tools. You are able to communicate spontaneously and fluently, and you will express clearly your opinion. In social and professional contexts, you are able to handle the language effectively and flexibly, to present facts in detail, and to connect topics. To understand longer discourses, to follow television programmes and action films won’t be much of a problem for you. The same applies to fictional and non-fictional texts as well as to technical instructions. Likewise, you will express yourself clearly and distinctly in letters, essays, and reports, and you will choose the adequate style. The course prepares for the Exam "telc C1 Hochschule".