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Cooperation Partners of IBH

AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e. V.

AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e. V.

International AFS Network. It stands for a variety of exchange programs intended for young people who, as exchange students or volunteers, wish to take part in social or ecological projects in Germany or abroad.

Caritasverband für Hamburg e.V.

Caritasverband für Hamburg e.V.

Caritasverband Hamburg supports people who need assistance of any kind: children, adolescents, families, immigrants and refugees.



Das CURRICULUM Institut ist ein 2002 gegründetes Lehr- und Beratungsinstitut, das Unterrichtsdienstleistungen im Bereich Unterricht, Training, Weiterbildung und Hochschuldidaktik konzeptioniert und umsetzt. Darüber hinaus bietet CURRICULUM Coachings und Beratungen an: Personzentrierte Beratung, Supervision, Coaching im privaten wie auch beruflichen Feld, Lerncoaching, Schreibberatung etc.


German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

DAAD is the world’s largest organization promoting international exchange of students and scholars.

Hamburger Volkshochschule

Adult Education Centre of Hamburg (VHS)

VHS presents a varied program which, at reasonable costs, takes into account the interests and needs of minorities.

Internationaler Bund (IB)

Internationaler Bund (IB)

Internationaler Bund is one of the large organizations which offer a variety of social and educational programs.

IN VIA Jugendmigrationsdienst

IN VIA Youth Migration Service

It supports newly arrived young immigrants between 12 and 27 years of age as well as young immigrants who have been in Germany for a longer period of time, and who experience emotional problems.


Youth Migration Service

Evamigra assists young immigrants in social, professional and personal respect and advises them according to their needs.

Otto Benecke Stiftung

Otto Benecke Foundation

The Otto Benecke Stiftung e.V. (OBS) is nationally and internationally recognised as one of the leading non-governmental organisations in the fields of migration, integration and minorities. Its focus is placed on advising and training migrants, minorities, refugees and socially disadvantaged groups, particularly youths and young people.

passage gGmbH

passage gGmbH

Passage is a non-profit association for employment and integration. It promotes qualification, employment and integration of unemployed adolescents and adults. It offers, for example, job opportunities by using existing capabilities and opening new professional perspectives. It designs products and acts as a service agency for schools, associations and non-profit institutions. It supports social, cultural and other public organizations and puts into practice innovative programs with national and European partners.

Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg

Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH)

TUHH is a state-run university in the district of Harburg with about 5 000 students. It offers courses of study leading to academic degrees in technical subjects.

Verein für politische Bildung Hamburg e.V.

Association for Political Education Hamburg

This association furthers integration of immigrants through seminars on political education. It has been founded in 1982 by members of the political parties represented in the state legislature of Hamburg.



This association for intercultural communication and education is a non-profit organization offering courses in different districts of Hamburg. It is committed to the legal, political and social emancipation of immigrants in Hamburg. It furthers their social participation, stands up against sexist and racial discrimination and offers advice and qualification to immigrants. It helps them to organize themselves within the district.